[As adopted by the 39th (2013)  and amended by the 40th (2014) and 43rd (2017) Meetings of the Council.]

 From Bylaws IX:

The Council will maintain a collection of its Informational Documents which might be useful to the Member Churches in pursuing the dual purposes for which the Council was established (Constitution, III).  Either the collection, or a particular document listed therein, may be amended on motion passed by a majority of the voting Delegates, with the exception of the List of NAPARC Member Churches (which may be amended only as provided for in Constitution, VI.4).  Included in the collection are the following:

  1. List of NAPARC Member Churches (2014)
  2. Suggested Form for Member Church Reports (2017)
  3. Suggested Orders of the Day for the Annual Meeting (2012)
  4. Suggested Structure for Conferences (1976)
  5. List of NAPARC Operating and Study Committees (with their respective mandates)
  6. List of NAPARC Consultations
  7. Definition of Organic Union (2003)
  8. Chart of Similarities and Differences Among the NAPARC Member Churches (including 2007 updates)
  9. NAPARC “Golden Rule” Comity Agreement (1984)
  10. NAPARC Agreement on Transfer of Members and Congregations (1987)
  11. Suggestions for Those Involved in Planning Activities for Our Young People (2012)
  12. Pursuit of Organic Union (2012)

To download the complete collection of the Informational Documents as amended by the 43rd (2017) Meeting of NAPARC, click here.

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