Home Missions Contacts

List of the names and email addresses for the home (or North American) missions committees (or other point of contact) of the NAPARC Member Churches:




ARPC The Rev. Mike Jones revguitar@yahoo.com
CanRC The Rev. Dr. Arjan deVisser arjan.devisser@gmail.com
ERQ The Rev. Bernard Westerveld b_westerveld@hotmail.com
FRCNA The Rev. Joel Overduin joel.overduin@gmail.com
HRC Mr. Terry Klaver terreth.klaver@gmail.com
KAPC The Rev. David Kong davidkong2000@hotmail.com
KPCA The Rev. Gu Tae Choi cgt222@hotmail.com
OPC The Rev. John S. Shaw ophomemissions@opc.org
PCA The Rev. Jim Bland jbland@pcanet.org
PresRC The Rev. Timothy J. Worrell tim.joy.worrell@gmail.com
RCUS The Rev. Hank Bowen rcushank@gmail.com
RPCNA The Rev. Nathan Eshelman n.p.eshelman@gmail.com
URCNA The Rev. Richard Bout boutrichard@gmail.com